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Good ingrid, here at the end of November I launched into the crazy idea of following a program with you and I must say that from the 2nd week I noticed a change (we are talking about pain unknown to this day ) and it was so fun.

You managed to take into account my lifestyle and my schedule to create a tailor-made program for me 🔥🔥🔥

I came out with a rather incredible general reinforcement with a big increase in my comfort loads.

Thank you again for your professionalism and your know-how. Can't wait for the sequel (yes we need a sequel now🔥🔥🤩) more gains.

5 week transformation


Long live the good aches 💪🏾😊Thank you very much my beautiful. I wanted to thank you for these very intense and above all very dynamic sessions.  You are a pro and it shows that you like what you do and above all you share it without limits with us. I feel that it's not just about money with you, so thank you very much.

kisses from us and see you very very soon 😘

A superb experience. Ingrid is always there to correct and advise us. Always behind us to push us beyond our limits. Thank you Ingrid for your smile and your good humor.


Do you want to lose weight or be well in your body? This is the one for you! guaranteed result with Ingrid! I, who had tried everything before without success, then I met Ingrid through a person followed by her and satisfied with her results, so I started gradually with regular sessions, and she transformed me, I am 100% satisfied, without hesitation I strongly recommend her!

Véronique paros photo La Reunion

Véronique PAROS

She will explain the exercises, the posture you need to do it and she is a good nutrition consultant.


Very good results from 5 weeks of training and a healthy diet / pleasure found thanks to the training/ food program Ingrid did for me. A great coach with a passion and a desire to improve everyone's physical conditions, attentive and always available for questions/advice. Sessions that always push you out of your comfort zone and make you stronger every day. They will allow you to reach your goals in joy and will allow you to regain your physical condition and self-confidence. Thank you for boosting me with your sessions and the results obtained, this is only the beginning of a great adventure


A top coach! 👌 Thanks to Ingrid, I learned to work my body with rigor, efficiency & I learned to love it! I quickly noticed a positive change, and also, from the good diet that she advised to me. It has always been a pleasure to go to your sessions, because you train in a good atmosphere, an important element to motivate yourself! 😉 Without regret from my part.

"I am not yesterday, I am today for a better tomorrow". 💪 Thank you for everything Ingrid 💜 #thebest



I carried out a coaching of 5 weeks with success even if I was not a disciplined enough student. Here is my summary in some stages of satisfaction.

Meals: a coach who offers balanced meals for a healthy lifestyle with the necessary proteins.

Follow-up: a coach who offers various exercises adapted to the pathologies of each person.

Performances: an increasing evolution. A coach who listens, offers solutions, has very variable and adaptable schedules and who motivates you to surpass yourself

Nathalie GARCIA

Ingrid is a beautiful person, who is attentive but above all professional. I put my wishes in her shaker, she mixed everything to get out a suitable program. During the sessions, she takes out her torture equipment: her phone for the timer, the scales (to be sure that I have not forgotten my goals), and off we go! Result, 10kg fat loss whilst building muscle.

And the icing on the cake, she takes the time to chat at the end of the session ... I love it

Véronique KONDOKI

Ingrid is a great coach, she is pleasant but serious. With her, the sessions always take place in a good mood. Abs, cardio ... The whole body goes there, and you will sweat for sure. I don't regret anything, I talk about you when people ask me how I do it (weight loss), it's really thanks to you, you explained to me how to position myself, it's great. You made me want to exercise


In summary, Ingrid's innate ability as a trainer made me feel comfortable and confident during my workout sessions. Even though the sessions were virtual, I often felt as though she was in the same room, right next to me, coaching me on a successful path towards my goals. She always adapted to my workout style by making minor changes to maximize my full potential.




Long live the good aches 💪🏾😊Thank you very much my beautiful. I wanted to thank you for these very intense and above all very dynamic sessions.  You are a pro and it shows that you like what you do and above all you share it without limits with us. I feel that it's not just about money with you, so thank you very much.

kisses from us and see you very very soon 😘


Knowledge, motivation, determination.

She will help you be better in your body and achieve your goals. 💪 Very good nutrition consultant 🙂

Kevin Sidonie photo La Réunion


Professional and determined.

She is a professional coach who will lead you to your goals!

Aurélie LAURET

A great coach.


I took a program and it helped me a lot but afterwards I also took a few coaching sessions with her and thats when I really saw a difference. She explained to me very well how to have a good posture, a good execution for maximum sensations and I had results. I do not regret and I would resume sessions again. So don't hesitate.


Top coach! Ingrid will bring you far beyond your requirements. Her determination, a real motivation to make you progress every day. The results will speak for themselves. Sportingly

I did a 20-session coaching with Ingrid at the start of the year. I had wanted to do it for a long time but I thought I didn't have the physical condition to do it. Ingrid was able to give me confidence, she adapted her coaching to my condition and allowed me to get back into shape with firmness and gentleness at the same time. Today, I have a lot more endurance in sports, and I feel a lot better in my body. Thank you Ingrid for your advice and your friendly and efficient support.

Margot GAREL

Personalized coaching which fully met my expectations. Ingrid is very professional, very inventive and will know how to push you to your limits. She is a very complete coach who pays attention to your diet as well as your postures.

I highly recommend!


Ingrid is a real professional. Concerned about her customers. She helps you push your limits and teaches you how to eat better. I really appreciated her coaching. It was a great experience that I can't wait to repeat.


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