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Programmes de formation Shapeit


If you've ever done personal training before, then you'll probably be used to seeing or hearing personal trainers offer sessions by the numbers. 1 session for €€, 5 sessions for €€€ or 15 sessions for €€€. Now whilst we do offer sessions by numbers, it is not our focus, or recommendation. At, we want our clients to understand that fitness is a lifestyle choice not a short term fix. That's why we've spent months creating and testing our specialized membership packages, which we've called Shapeit. Shapeit is our unique coaching concept, which as the name suggest, is about you shaping a healthy, better and stronger you. 



Priding ourselves on our ability to deliver results, meant we at needed to create a service, that we could say with confidence, would get you the results you wanted because when it's all said and done, your success is our success. When creating our Shapeit memberships, we did so with 3 commitments in mind. The first was to educate. Our Shapeit memberships will teach you how to 'fitness' no matter what your goals are.


A simple example as to what we mean, can be seen in the following question. Did you know that in order to keep progressing in your fitness journey, you have to keep countering the adaptations made by your body as to ensure continuous results? Yes!., you did? Oh well that's great, but do you know how and when to make those changes as to counter the adaptations made by your body? No? Well this is just one of the principals our Shapeit memberships will teach you. 


All our Shapeit memberships differ in duration depending on which Shapeit service you choose and of course your personal goal/s. This means we are able to educate you at different stages of your fitness journey. Simply put, we cannot do this effectively if you just purchase a one time 10 or 20 sessions package.


Ingrid Dijoux coach sportif La Réunion coaching personnel séance d'entraînement client.


Our second commitment was to develop a systematic training strategy that is highly adaptable to each of our clients, in regards to their goals, ability, posture, height, weight, age and gender. You see, we are not just throwing sessions at you, no sir. From your initial consultation, to your very last Shapeit coaching session, our sessions are methodically designed to give you the best results possible. Every session is systematically connected, ensuring we are training you in the best possible way. Our third and final commitment is YOU. Commit yourself to our training and advice and watch your body shapeit-self in ways you never thought possible. 


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