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Updated: Jan 2023 and/or its affiliates (Shapeit Gym & Street Wear, Move & Sweat boot camps), in association with our official partner (Losane Nutrition), provide personal training services and/or products in line with fitness, supplementation, sports clothing and/or sports training. All services provided directly by are subjected to terms and conditions; which by agreeing to the use of services from, binds you (the user) to following conditions.

Terms & conditions, please read carefully

All services offered by is subjected to general terms and conditions outlined below, with selected services being subjected to additional terms of use. Use of these services binds you (the user), to the terms and conditions associated with that specific service. 

PRIVACY POLICY trades with a never ending commitment to all our clients to protect and prohibit the use and sharing of personal data with third party entities, including but not limited to our trading partners. Under no circumstances will your information be shared with third party apps, software or any other digital platform. By using, you accept the practices outlined in this paragraph.

Personal information collected

We collect personal information during your initial consultation in order to help us help you obtain your goals as well as track your progress. Information gathering is not mandatory and you (the client), reserves the right to refuse our request to gather and store your personal data. In such cases you (the client) accepts all liability for any injury which (however unlikely), may occur from your training; as all information gathered during your consultation is also used to conduct sessions safely. Furthermore in cases deemed unsafe, reserves the right to refuse training for any individual who objects to our information gathering process during their initial consultation.


Information gathering includes but is not limited to, email address, contact numbers, body ratio information, including height, weight, body fat, muscle mass, medical conditions etc. We will under no circumstances ask you for any information relating to credit cards or bank details. We do however use (through no association) Paypal to accept online payments, as such you will be required to provide your bank details in order for payments to be processed. does not and will not at any stage have access to the information you provide to Paypal. Please visit Paypal for further information regarding their policy. will under no circumstances request information relating to your work or home address. We may however at times, request information with regards to the nature of your job.  

Why is my information collected? mainly gathers information relating to (but not limited to) your body composition. Information is needed as to plan and structure effectively your training session/s. More importantly, information is gathered as to ensure sessions are conducted safely as well as to track your progress.  

Do you have access to the information gathered?

YES. All information obtained during your consultation and any subsequent information will always be emailed to you for reference. 

Privacy changes?

NO. We understand and respect data protection laws. Any information provided to by you the client, will not be shared or distributed in any form, to third party entities, including but not limited to, third party apps, companies, partners or websites. This privacy policy is set and will at no point be subjected to change. 

How long is my information stored? 

In essence stores information for 12 months following the completion of your final training session, after which, information is then discarded. The duration of storage is to ensure a base/reference point, if individuals return to training during the storage duration. 


All content made available by is subjected to copyright. This includes but is not limited to text, images, videos, downloadable content, Logos, concepts and concepts names are all protected and is the property of or it's suppliers. All property is protected by EU and international copyright laws. Use of material provided by is strictly prohibited. In such cases, reserves the right to take legal action as deemed necessary.   


All slogans, logos, concept names provided by, are trademarks of and the services included within. trademarks are not to be used with any products or service/s that is not associated with In regards to our trading partners we do not own trademarks that may or may not appear with their services provided by 


Once launch, purchasing our Shapers membership provides you access to our members area, subject to agreeing to our terms and conditions. You agree that the access granted is limited for the duration of your membership. Access granted is for personal and non-commercial use only. Downloadable content is not to be distributed or to be sold for commercial gain or profit against In addition, membership access only grants the use of and not ownership of the content within. Under no circumstances, should any content provided by be sold, resold, copied, distributed or otherwise, without written consent from You may not use meta tags utilizing services and content, with no limitations to trademarks, without the express written consent of holds the right to terminate Shapers access where applicable; if found the terms of use outlined in this text, is not adhered to in its entirety by you the user.  

TESTIMONIALS AND COMMENTS allows its users to leave testimonials and comments with regards to the services purchased from Testimonials can be submitted to us for publication, whereas comments can be posted directly within our Shapers members area when the service will be launch. Under no circumstances, must any of the content posted be of an invasive, illegal, threatening, sexual, disrespectful in nature or deemed to be inciting violence. Furthermore, the use of as a platform for political gain and/or campaigning is strictly prohibited. Any form of spamming is prohibited and reserves the right to block access to any users found to be in breech of these terms. By posting or submitting comments or reviews, you agree to give exclusive rights for commercial and non commercial purposes, relating to the use of the testimonial or comment and/or reviews. Furthermore you grant the right to use the name associated with the testimonial, review or comment. Under no circumstances will either be used separately.   


We're confident in the quality of services we offer and that all our customers will be satisfied with their purchase and our attention to detail. We however reserve the right within certain limits to decline refunds if requested, as not all our services are subjected to refunds and in cases where there are, it is limited.  We may ask questions as to why a refund is been requested as a means to continually improve our services. Services with no refund policy operate with a break clause.  Please read the following carefully as to fully understand our refund policy:

- reserves the right to decline refunds for services which have been completed in there entirety including but not limited to single services, packages and membership packages.


Refunds are offered for select services only. Single services such as but not limited to training programs, individual Training sessions, nutrition guidelines, consultations, what's in my cart do not operate with a refund policy.

- reserves the right to refund reservations made for Move and Sweat bootcamp provided that the cancellation request for the session takes place at least 48 hours (minimum) before. If however, cancellation requests are made with less than 48 hours before the session, payment will be upheld and will not be refunded.


Shapeit memberships do not operate with a refund policy.

CANCELLATIONS operates a 24hr cancellation policy for personal training sessions. All clients are required to sign a cancellation form acknowledging their agreement to comply with this policy before starting face to face training sessions. Cancellation forms detailing our full cancellation policy, will be given to clients during their consultation. You can read our full cancellation policy below. 

You acknowledge and understand that operates a cancellation policy, subjected to terms and conditions of which could result in the loss of your session whereby these terms are not followed. operates scheduled hourly sessions, you therefore acknowledge and accept that 24hrs is required for any session or sessions which you may wish to cancel or rearrange.  Whereby 24hrs notice is not given, you accept reserves the right to refuse rescheduling your appointment, thus rendering it void. You will therefore lose that session. You understand that you are entitled to a one time waiver, whereby it is deemed acceptable to cancel without giving 24hrs notice, at no loss or charge to yourself. 

Failure to cancel 5 or more sessions without sufficient notice, could result in the discontinuation of further sessions. Enforcement of this policy, rest solely with 

Whereby cancels an appointment with less than 24hrs notice, your session will be rebooked within 7 days, furthermore you will automatically be entitled to a free session and your package completion date will be extended by the amount of days it takes to rebook your session. If however you have cancelled one or more session (prior) without giving 24hrs notice and did not take action; you will not be entitled to a free session, if cancels your appointment with less than 24hrs notice. It should be noted that the likelihood of us cancelling your session with less than 24hrs notice is highly unlikely. 


Proper gym attire must be wore to training sessions, including your consultation. Please ensure you do not wear any open toe shoes, jeans, jeans shorts or pants. Clothing must allow you to move freely.  




At, we follow all health and safety regulations as to provide to the best of our control, a safe training environment. All our clients are required to sign a physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q), before engaging in training sessions with This is to ensure you are suitable to physical exercise and have no pre existing health problems which could inhabit your ability to partake in training. We cannot however guarantee your safety 100% as there are always risk associated with physical exercise participation of any kind. As such you (the client) agrees, that by accepting services; you're entering into an agreement whereby you accept liability for the potential risk of injury, which could occur as a direct result of exercise participation.


Whilst undertaking personal training within a gym setting, you assume that your participation is a personal choice and confirm that you are unaware of any personal health issues which could limit your ability to exercise. will not accept responsibility for any injury which may occur from the use of any non portable machinery provided by the gym. This includes with no limitations, equipment which may malfunction during use and/or defective machinery where the defection is not clearly seen or stated (out of order sign) prior to use.  Furthermore will not accept any liability for any potential injury which occurs as a direct result of your own negligence. This includes, but is not limited to, falling over loose weights left by gym members, falling down the stairs, falling in the shower, failure to properly follow exercise instructions and demonstrations, or any injury sustained on any other part of the gym premisses.

Whilst training during our Move & Sweat boot camps or outdoor sessions, you assume that your involvement is a personal choice and confirm that you are unaware of any personal health issues which could limit your ability to exercise. You therefore accept and understand that, whilst will always endeavor to provide a safe place of exercise for our Move & Sweat boot camps sessions; external factors which could cause injury will always be present. This includes but not limited to small rocks or stones and uneven surfaces. Furthermore we will not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained due to your own negligence. This includes but is not limited to doing exercises incorrectly. accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to any personal items which you may bring with you to your sessions/class. We do not provide storage and therefore do not accept personal goods for safe keeping. does not accept any liability for any injury which may occur during your online training sessions. It is your responsibility and yours alone, to ensure that your training space at your home is safe and suitable for training. 


You assume full responsibility for any training sessions you do unsupervised. This includes but is not limited to paid training programs, advice and/or recommendations, or copying a training session you previously did under our supervision. With regards to our nutrition guidelines, it is your responsibility to check recommend foods do not contain anything to which you are allergic. does however accept liability for any injuries which may occur as a direct result of our own negligence. This includes us dropping weights which result in a direct injury to you (the client). Unsafe exercise practices such as incorrect exercise demonstration and/or advice. In addition assumes responsibility for any injuries sustained during improper supervision such as a lack of assistance during sessions. In regards to our outdoor sessions/classes, we will accept liability for any injuries cause due to any defectiveness with the equipment we provide.    


All memberships expire one month after your final payment however memberships may be extended(without charge), to cover any extension. This can included but is not limited to, trainer holidays, sicknesses and so on. 


This scheme applies to you for each individual you refer who as a result becomes a paying customer. You are entitled to 1 free session for every new referral. 


Payments for packages and memberships are to be made prior to the commencement of your first session. Memberships are sold as monthly subscription service for a specified duration. Payments for single sessions can be made before or after your session has taken place. 


You will be notified at least 7 days in advance as to any planned trainer holidays. It is important to understand however that not all trainer holidays are subject to reimbursements.


Any trainer holidays constituting to 3 days or more will be reimbursed by being added to the end of your membership. Your membership will therefore be extended (without charge), as to complete the reimbursed sessions.


Your trainer is entitled to one rest day off a month, which is not subjected to reimbursements. Your trainer is entitled to roll over an unused rest day from one month to the following month, allowing for a maximum of 2 rest days off that is not subject to reimbursement.  


For example, if your trainer does not take a day off in January, your trainer is entitled to take 2 rest days off in February. If your trainer does not take any rest days off in January or February, the cycle starts again and your trainer is only entitled to take one day off in March.


As mentioned above, any days off which constitutes to 3 or more (consecutively), will be reimbursed.


All clients are required to give 7 days notice for any planned holidays constituting 7 days or more. If you choose to go on holiday at any time during the duration of your training sessions for a period of more than 3 weeks, we will reimburse any sessions lost due to your holiday, at the end of your contract. Holidays shorter than 3 weeks will not be reimbursed.


All sessions will start promptly. If you are late, time will added onto your session only if there is availability to do so. If your trainer is more than 20 minutes late, sessions will still go ahead and conclude at the original time if unable to extend. A free session will be offered as a means of compensation.  


Park and in home sessions are subject to travel and availability. Your trainer will endeavor to accommodate these sessions providing they are not at the expense of sessions already booked at the gym with other clients. 


Whether you book a package or membership package, your final session will be a fitness or strength test depending on your goals.We will also do assessments such as body fat and muscle mass percentages as well as a number of other tests. This final session will be used to determine your progress so that you can see your evolution. 


If during the duration of your training with us, you sustain an injury or develop a medical condition (unrelated to our sessions), which forces you to stop training; We will temporarily place your membership/package on hold for a maximum duration of six months. If by this time you have not recovered, unfortunately, your membership will be cancelled. In this unfortunate and hopefully unlikely event, you will lose any remaining sessions for the month in which your membership was stopped. However you will not be charged for the remaining membership duration. Please note, we will require a medical certificate to confirm you cannot participate in any sport related activity.  


Any sicknesses and or injuries sustained, which are unrelated to our sessions and require a recovery time of less than 3 weeks, will not be reimbursed. However, any injuries sustained during training sessions will be reimbursed, regardless of the time taken to recover.   


All downloadable content on is considered intellectual property. As such all content is protected by copyright and trademark laws. Downloading content with malicious intent is strictly prohibition. This includes but is not limited to the resale of downloadable content, mass distribution and fraudulent claims & acknowledgement of the work contained within each download. All downloads is for the sole purpose and authorization of the person or persons intended. You are not permitted to download any content through malicious means for which you have not paid for. By downloading any content, you automatically agree to abide by these terms. 

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