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Ingrid Dijoux coach sportif coaching en ligne

Please ensure you read these "T&C's" (terms and conditions), carefully before purchasing an online package with Click the link to see our company's full terms and conditionsBy purchasing an online training package you're agreeing to the T&C's set out below as well our company's full terms and conditions. 

Your access and use of this service is subjected to conditions which outline your acceptance in accordance with the services provided. These conditions apply to all our customers who purchase a payment package with Successful purchase of a package, bounds you (the client), to the T&C' associated with the service.

Standard & Premium packages, you (the client), agrees to and are bound by the terms of this package. Both packages are valid for a limited time only. Sessions must be completed within 5 weeks. reserves the right to terminate any sessions not completed within this period. In most cases we will extend this period providing we see a valid commitment from you (the client).


Whereby a session is cancelled, 24hrs notice is required. Failure to give 24hrs notice, will by nature result in the effective and immediate termination of that session. However as part of our continued commitment, to providing all of our clients with the best platform for success, will forever endeavor to rescheduled any cancelled sessions. All rights are reserved if however we decide not to reschedule sessions. Emergency cancellations will be treated with discretion. Sessions cancelled with 24hrs notice or more, will be rescheduled, no questions asked. 


After completion of your first session, all payments (standard and premium) are non refundable, unless stated otherwise.


last updated - Jan 2022

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