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All our sizes for our apparels can be found by clicking on the picture of each product. You'll find all the information regarding available sizes, size dimensions as well as product information on all our product pages. 

Please note that not all apparels are available in the same sizes and in some instances, larger sizes will cost more due to higher production cost. 

Metrics for sizes are in both inches and centimeters.

shapeit gym & street wear size guide



Sizes XS - S ----- 27 inches

Sizes M - L ----- 28 inches

Size XL ----- 29 inches


Sizes XS - S ----- 27 inches

Sizes M - XL ----- 28 inches

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Fashion is an ever changing world which is why we are considering adding new apparel for both Men and Women. At this moment there are no plans to add new apparel to our collections, however this is a constantly active process. 

Apparels we are considering include different cut leggings for women, women tee's, new cuts for tank tops and the addition of hoodies.

For men we are considering, adding, different cuts for t-shirts, leggings and new cuts for tank tops. 

As you can see some of the ideas we're considering falls more within the street wear category rather than gym wear. This will mean an extension and re-evaluation of our business model and operations. There are no plans yet for this change but as previously stated it is under consideration.


We'll keep you posted but until then, from everyone at SHAPEIT, we'd again like to say a big, no a MASSIVE thank you for your support. It is your loyalty that provides us with the motivation and inspiration to ensure you're continuously styling your goals. So thank you all, from our ambassadors to all our customers. THANK YOU ALL. 

Future Projects

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