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SHAPEIT _ Privacy Policy




We've put together our privacy policy to help you (our customers) understand how collects your personal information with regards to Shapeit store purchases. The purpose of our privacy notice is to inform our customers of our legal obligations with regards to how we may store, process, protect and handle any of your personal data when shopping with us.


Who are we?

Shapeit Gym & Street Wear is a subsidiary of Shapeit Gym &  Street Wear is privately owned and controlled by in its entirety. We are a french company providing our services worldwide. Our registration number is 88212768100014 founded in 2019 and officially launched in 2020. 


We normally get asked why the name Shapeit and our response is always the same. The 'It', refers to your body and your health. Shape, refers to the shape you want 'it', to be in. Now ultimately everybody who works out, has goals and since we are primarily a fitness fashion brand, what is fashion? It's style. So why not, (wait for it)..., STYLE - YOUR - GOALS. Pretty smart huh? We definitely think so :) and that's how Shapeit gym & street wear - style your goals was created.  


With Shapeit Gym & Street Wear as your brand of choice, believe us when we say, it won't just be your gains that turn heads in the gym. Bring your workouts to life, with custom designs that tell the world how hard you work. It's time to style your goals #SHAPEIT.  Help us spread our message and lets put some style back into your workouts.  

Shapeit Gym & Street Wear #style your goals

1.0 What data do we collect?

We don't only collect information when you decide to purchase an item from us. We may also collect personal information if you decide to contact us directly by email or phone. In addition we may collect information you share about our company on social media platforms such as but not limited to facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

  • Name and title

  • Address

  • Country

  • Email address

  • Billing address 

  • Item sizes 

  • Purchase information 

  • Billing information

  • Any information you provide in reviews. 

1.1 How do we use personal information?

Information collected during the checkout page of our online line store is necessary as to ensure we have the correct delivery information for your item/s as well as item/s specifications. As a company we also use this information to personalize your shopping experience with suggestions or related items. In cases such as request for refunds, the initial information gathered will be used as a means of cross referencing as to prevent the risk of fraud. Other ways in which your information may be used include;


  • Statistical and/or analytical purposes, to aid us with our continual commitment to provide the best service possible.

  • Allow us to handle complaints or request more efficiently and timely.

1.2 Third party applications

We may use third party applications in order to help us with our customer relations. This includes fulfillment of orders and customer analytics. In some cases your information will be passed onto these third parties when deemed necessary. An example of this is your details been passed onto the shipping company. We may also use third party platforms for targeted email marketing campaigns and advertisement. 

1.3 Protecting your data

Any data we collect is looked after with the greatest of care. We will at no point share your information outside of our business module. Any request to share your data by third party entities will be strictly refused, unless it is in a cases of suspected criminal activity and we are required to by law, to share your information with the relevant authorities. 

1.4 What personal information do we store and for how long

We will store your information for as long as it is deemed necessary. The length of time in which we store your details will always be related to the purpose for which it was collected. We will store all the information collected in section 1.0 except for your billing information.  

1.5 Why does your personal data need to be collected?

The primary focus of our data collection is for contractual obligations. When you make an offer to buy a product or service from us, subject to our acceptance, a legally binding contract is formed between us (the seller) and you the customer. In order for us to fulfill our contractural obligations, we will require personal information as outlined in this privacy notice.  

Legally, in exceptional circumstances, we may be required by law enforcement to collect and process your personal data. By process we mean, pass on your details. 

Personal interest, collection of your data which falls into this category, will be use to further the interest of our business. This includes any surveys or competitions we may run, as to improve our customer service and experience. Under no circumstance will the data we collect for self interest purposes be used in a manner which compromises your freedoms or rights. In addition no collection of financial data is bound by our self interest, (strictly contractional obligations only).

1.6 Data age limit

In order to shop with us, you must be 18 years of age. We will not store data nor collect data for any persons under this age. 

1.7 Your legal rights

The following explains your legal rights with regards to how we store your data. You have the legal right at any time to: 

  • Stop us sending you marketing emails relating to but not limited to special offers or promotions. 

  • Contact our customer service team with any queries or concerns you may have. You can do so by emailing

  • To change or update any of your personal information at any time. In this instance, we will ask data protection questions. 

  • Request we stop processing and/or discard your personal information. Please note that it can take a while to process your request, during which time, you may still receive communication from us.  We will not comply with this request in cases of suspected criminal activity. 

  • Request directly what information we store which is of concern to you. In such cases, data protection rules will apply and we will ask you submit your request in writing by email, with the same email address that we have on file for you. You will have to pass our data protection questions, before we are able to process your query.  

  • Contact us to make a formal complaint with regards to how we handle your data. In such cases we will offer solutions. Where an agreement cannot be found, we may discard your information completely. If you are still unhappy with how we have handled your data, you can contact the relavant data protection regulator in your country of residence.  

1.8 Data protection questions

In cases deemed necessary and to comply with data protection laws, we will ask data protection questions as to confirm your identity. All our interactions with our customers are done by email, therefore all data protection questions will need to be confirmed in writing. 

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