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We've put together theses terms & conditions, to give you, our valued customers transparency as to our business operations. We understand legal text can be exhausting to read, we barely read our own terms and conditions and we're the ones who wrote it. No seriously, all jokes aside, we've tried to make this process as simple and as easy to read as possible. With that said, we're truly excited that you've shown an interest in our business and hope our products will meet your needs and satisfaction. 



First lets start by introducing ourselves and welcoming you to our business. We are Shapeit Gym & Street Wear. A clothing brand founded in 2019, with the dedication to providing our customers with premium quality gym wear & street wear, so that you can achieve your goals in style. We normally get asked why the name Shapeit and our response is always the same. The 'It', refers to your body and your health. Shape, refers to the shape you want 'it', to be in. Now ultimately everybody who works out, has goals and since we are primarily a fitness fashion brand, what is fashion? It's style. So why not, (wait for it)..., STYLE - YOUR - GOALS. Pretty smart huh? We definitely think so :) and that's how Shapeit Gym & Street Wear - Style Your Goals was created.

Now the more legal stuff. By using this website and placing orders though it, you are agreeing to being bound by the terms and conditions within. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this website or purchase any products from it. Our terms and conditions are here to protect you as well as us however they are at any point subject to change/updates. The responsibility rest with you to regularly read them. We will mark clearly on this page as and when changes or updates to our terms and conditions have been made. 

1.0 Placing an order

By placing an order through this website, you agree to do so in a manner that is true and non representative of any fraudulent intent. If we suspect such activity, it is within our legal rights to suspend such orders and notify the relevant authorities. Our products are provided for your personal use only. It is prohibited to place an order with the intention of exploiting our products for commercial, business or re-sale purposes. 

Furthermore you agree to providing the correct and accurate information required to complete your order. This includes, email address, postal address and/or any other information needed to fulfill your order. 

Orders can only be placed through our website. We do not collaborate with any third parties with regards to the sales of our Shapeit brand. Whilst there is no plans to change this policy in the future, it is open to change as our business continues to grow, at which time we will update our terms and conditions. Therefore, for your protection and security, ensure all orders regarding our Shapeit merchandise is made through our website. 

Finally by placing an order, you stipulate that you are at least 18 years of age and authorized to use the payment method used when placing your order. We do not knowingly accept payments form persons under the age of 18.

1.1 Refusal of an order

We reserve the right to withdraw any products from this website at anytime, with or without notice. Whilst the refusal of an order is unlikely, there are circumstances in which we may be unable to fulfill your order. In this unlikely event, we will try to ease your frustration by offering similar products if applicable. We will not however process or accept request to process any orders for products which have been removed from our product line. In addition we may have to temporarily suspend products as to make changes in order to comply with new and updated laws, as well as if, products are out of stock. Whilst we are not required to give notice for the suspension or withdrawal of our products, we will always endeavor to do so. We are not at any point liable to you for reason/s as to why we have temporarily suspended, edited or permanently withdrawn products from our product line.

1.2 Our products

All of our products are in line with our company brand which is fitness clothing, specifically but not limited to gym wear. The pictures on this site are for illustrative purposes only. Whilst we work hard to ensure all colors illustrated on this site are a true reflection of the final product, we cannot always guarantee this will be the case. We work hard to ensure accurate color print, through continuous sampling and modification of our products. If however there are any color discrepancies it will be ever so slight.

1.3 Delivery

We ship our products worldwide free of charge. Further information regarding our shipping policy can be found here.

Please note that we are not liable for circumstances outside of our control, which may cause delay to your shipping. Circumstances such as but not limited to, logistics, postal and/or courier delays. We will endeavor to notify you as soon as possible, once we become aware of any delays to your order. We will then try to take steps as to minimize any further delays. If however it becomes apparent that any further delays will be substantial, as a good will gesture, we will offer you a discount on your next order with us. The discount will serve for a specific product collection. The amount given will be at our discretion depending on the length of time for which your order was delayed. 

If you are not available at the time of your delivery and your ordered item, cannot fit through your post box; the courier will notify you of the delivery attempt and how to rearrange delivery or notify you where you can collect your order from. In some cases, the courier may leave your order with a third party, ie your neighbor.  The term 'delivered' will be deemed applicable when you or a third party (neighbor), signs for or accepts physical possession of your ordered item. The courier will notify you that your order has been left with your neighbor. You can find information regarding potential custom taxes here. These taxes are not in our control and differ from country to country. 

We cannot accept responsibility for orders delivered to the wrong address because the shipping details you entered during the checkout process was incorrect. We strongly advise that you double check the information you enter before completing your order.

1.4 Contract

The information set out in these terms and on this website are an invitation to a sale. Your order is an offer from us to you, as to buy our products. No contract is formed between us even if we have accepted your request to place an order.

Funds do not need to be directly deducted from your account for a contract to exist between us. No contract is formed even if you have authorized payment to be deducted from your account or a third parties account to which you have consent to use. An email confirmation will be sent to you confirming your order has been received by us. Please note however that this email does not constitute to a contract being formed. Contracts are only formed once a shipping email confirmation has been sent, confirming your order is on it's way. The process is known as the shipping confirmation. The shipping confirmation email only serves as a contract for the products stated within and not for all the products which you may have order. For example, if you have ordered several different products, it is not guaranteed that all your orders will appear on the same shipping confirmation email. This is because all orders have different fulfillment times. A confirmation email will therefore be sent with every order that has been processed to shipped.   

You can always end your contract and/or order with us as set out below.

  • Your order arrived faulty or differs substantially from the item you requested See our refund & returns page for more information.

  • We suspended supply of the product after you've placed your order. 

  • The delivery of the product is significantly delayed - (minus Covid-19 delays).

  • There is an error in the pricing to which we were only made aware after your order had been placed. 

We have the right to end our contract in circumstances whereby we are unable to deliver your order as a direct result of you breaking your contractual agreement with us. This includes;


  • Circumstances in which you have not allowed us to deliver your item. 

  • You fail to provide us with information needed to deliver your order, such as correct delivery address. 

1.5 Pricing & Payment

The price of all our products includes consumption tax and free shipping regardless of how much you spend or which country you order from. We take great care to ensure all the prices displayed on our website are accurate however errors may still occur regardless. If we discover an error in pricing relating to the order in which you have made, we will honor your order if the price you have paid is less than that of the actual retail price of the item ordered. If the price you have paid is higher than that of the retail price for the item ordered, we will contact you directly to inform you of our mistake. As an apology we will offer you a discount coupon for your next order, in addition to an extra percentage off your next order. For example, if you ordered an item that is normally sold at a retail price of 20€, but paid 25€ because of a mistake in our pricing. We will contact you and offer coupon for the 5€ extra you paid for your item. In addition we will offer a further discount at a percentage of our choosing. This percentage is not fixed and will depend on factors such as the inconvenience we have caused you, as well as the amount which you overpaid.

Prices are at anytime subjected to change in the form of an increase or decrease in retail price. Price changes will however not affect any orders which have already been placed and accepted by us. This includes price decreases, such as, sales and discount. We will in most cases inform you if we are expecting to offer a sale or discount weeks before the actual reduction. However there are situations in which we will offer flash sales, with no notifications or prior communication. Flash sales will last no longer than 12 hours.

If you place an order just before a price increase, we will honor the price on screen, which is the price you see at check out. Reasons for price increases include but are not limited to an increase in price to reflect consumption tax changes. 

Once you have finished shopping you can purchase your desired items by heading over to your cart. We accept payments from all major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and Discover. 

1.6 Responsibility for losses

Shapeit products are only sold for your private use and are not intended for resale or commercial use. We are therefore not liable any loss of business, profit and/or business opportunity or interruption. In addition, we will take the appropriate legal action if our products are found to be used for commercial gain.

1.7 Other terms

The sections within these terms operate individually, if a court were to find any section of these terms unlawful, the remaining sections will continue to operate in full force. 

The right to contracts is between us (Shapeit Gym & Street Wear) and you (the client). There are no third parties involved with the rights to contracts, therefore no third party has the right to enforce any of the terms stated within.
We may transfer the rights and obligations within these terms to an external organization, in the event that the organization in questions makes full or part purchase of our company know as shares. Under these circumstances you will be notified. If however for any reason you are unhappy with the transfer, you can contact us and we will address your concerns accordingly. 

It is within your right to make a complaint if you are unhappy with our services. We will always treat complaints with the upmost seriousness and respect. If however you are not satisfied with the resolution we have provided, it is further within your rights to escalate your complaint. You can do so by submitting your dispute to the European commission online dispute resolution platform.     

By purchasing products from our website, you agree to accept that our terms and conditions are subject to change at any period in time. These changes may be made as to comply with new laws or for any other reason we deem necessary. We will always update our terms and conditions accordingly. The version you read will always be the most recent and up to date version. It is always advisable that you check our terms and conditions before using our services. It is stated clearly at the top of this page, when our terms and conditions were last updated. 
If for any reason you break your contract and we do not take immediate steps to enforce your contractual obligations, this does not mean we are prohibited from doing so at a later date, nor does it mean your are liberated from your obligations. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for orders that have been marked as delivered by the carrier, however has not been received by you the customer. There is no way for us to verify this claim, as such were unable to cover the cost of reshipping or refunds.

It is likely however that the carrier has left your item inside your mailbox or under your porch. If neither applies to you, we are also aware of instances where items have been marked as delivered, however the actual delivery was made a day or two later. This maybe due to an attempted delivery prior to the actual delivery of your item. Please note, we have no control over the delivery of items, as the companies we use are independent. We however work with all the major delivery companies.

If you are still not in possession of your item/s, we advise that you reach out to the carrier directly. You’ll be able to locate the carrier information by using your tracking link.

Shapeit Gym & Street Wear services are operated, controlled and administered by from our office within the European union. By accessing Shapeit content you agree not to use the content provided by Shapeit in a manner which is prohibited by European and international laws.
Use of this site grants the user a non transferable and non exclusive license which is revocable if it deemed your use of this site is not in compliance with these terms of use. By using this site you agree to not use this site in any manner which disables, overburdens or damages the site. Furthermore your use of this site should not inconvenience any third party's enjoyment as intended. All text, pictures, graphics and apps used on this site are strictly the property of and/or it's partners or thirds party entities, to which we have paid for license use of their products. You may not in any shape or form, attempt to replicate, copy, create derivative work, distribute, modify, reverse engineer, participate in the transfer of a sale, and/or in any way manipulate the contents on this site.  All content is protected by copyright and/or trademark laws. You therefore agree not to make any unauthorized use of the protected content on this site, in particular for monetary gain. Any use of protected content must be done so exclusively with our written consent and whereby consent is given; you agree you do not acquire any ownership or license rights. 

Unlimited 10% discount no longer available 


1.8 Legal Mentions (France)

The company Shapeit Gym & Street Wear is published and operated by Shapeit Gym & Street Wear head office is located in Reunion, France La Possession, 97419, registered within France.

Numéro Siret: 88212768100014

Société immatriculée au Registre des Commerces et des Sociétés

Saint Denis de La Réunion


VAT number – FR 52 882 127 681

Company CEO – Ingrid Dijoux

Hosting: Wix

500 Terry A Francois Boulevard Sixth Floor San Francisco, CA 94158 USA


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2- Protection of personal data:

To find out more about our policy regarding the processing and protection of your personal data, the cookies used on this site as well as to exercise your rights relating to your personal data, you can consult our privacy policy below.


Our Shapeit Gym & Street Wear section of this website offers our user the ability to purchase our very own branded gym & street wear. 

You agree to place orders in compliance with the terms and conditions we have laid out within the sites web pages. 




Although unlikely we may decline your request to purchase an item for various reasons. 













Our product line will always consist of gym wear & street wear. If at some point in the future, we decide to extend our brand beyond that of gym & street clothing, you will be notified. 







We will always offer free shipping for all of our products. As part of our continued commitment to providing you with the best customer experience possible. 

Any offer from you to purchase one or more of our products, which is subsequently accepted and confirmed by the shipping email, serves as a contract between you, the customer and us the merchant. 

The prices displayed on our site are final. These prices include consumption tax and we will always cover the cost of shipping fees for items that are shipped from us to you. You may however have to pay additional custom charges once your order reaches border control. 

























Our products are not sold by us for any purpose other than that of your own personal use. 







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